What Questions Should I Ask An Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer for your home is an exciting process. But before you make your choice, it’s important to consider what questions to ask an interior designer. You might initially feel overwhelmed. Is it rude to ask about pricing? Should you ask about portfolios first?

If you’re not sure what to discuss on a first meeting with an interior designer, don’t panic! We’ve prepared this guide to help you decide what questions to ask an interior designer – from understanding the services they offer to previous projects.

Top 8 questions to ask an interior designer

Meeting with an interior designer can be overwhelming. This is the person who could potentially help to create your home interiors – the space you’ll live in for years to come. They have to be just right.

To make the right choice, you need the right questions. Here are some questions to ask an interior designer, so you can find out if they’re a good fit for you.

1. What design style are you most experienced with?

2. What services do you offer?

Next, think about what you want. You know you want to work with an interior designer, but what do you need from them? It may be the case that you’d like your entire home or a particular room renovating. On the other hand, you might want something a bit more specific. Perhaps you need a mood board with stylish furnishing ideas and colour schemes for inspiration? Or maybe you need sketches or 3D renders?

Whatever you need help with, it’s important to clarify that this is something your designer can offer to avoid disappointment down the line. Some interior designers may prefer to take on a specific type of task, whilst others might focus on full renovations.

3. How would you typically manage a project?

Remember that you’re not just hiring a design – you’re hiring a designer. Whenever you collaborate with another person, there’s the chance for tension. So, it’s vital to establish you’re on the same page.

One of the best questions to ask an interior designer is about how they manage a project. Are they happy for clients to be hands-on? Or do they prefer to do all the work themselves? Can they explain each stage of the process in clear language? Are they upfront and transparent? Issues are more likely to arise later on if you’re not kept updated with their plans and processes.

4. How much do you charge?

5. Can I see your portfolio?

Portfolios are a great insight into what interior designers can create. Whilst they may have an online portfolio, this may not show everything they have to offer. It’s also a good idea to talk through the portfolio with them, so you can ask questions about their past projects.

Think about their body of work in context. What have they created within a budget? Would this fit with your budget? Do you like their use of colour, texture and space? It’s important to evaluate how their style would work in your home, which brings us to the next question to ask an interior designer…

6. Have you worked on a similar project before?

Even within a particular interior style, designers can differ in their focus. For example, some modern interior designers may take a minimalist interpretation, whilst others might centre industrial décor. Think also about the space in question. Some designers might specialise in bathrooms or bedrooms, whilst others transform kitchens with ease.

7. How do you manage issues with your design projects?

Again, it’s all about compatibility. In most cases, you’ll want to be sure that your interior designer has experience working in your ideal style. It’s one thing to have a passion for a particular style, it’s another to work on real-world projects.

Interior design isn’t always plain sailing. So, it’s important to understand how your designer works under pressure. You want to be sure that your designer can handle changes to your project, as well as mishaps. Can they give a specific example of an issue they resolved on a previous project? Better still, how do they work to prevent issues from arising? All this information can help you to feel confident in your interior designer.

8. What are you looking for from a client?

Who would their ideal client be? What are their expectations from a client? What kinds of homes and spaces would they like to create? This can help to dispel some myths about the process and help you to decide if you really align with them. Does their dream client sound like you? If not, what makes you different? Is this a deal breaker? These are all important questions for you to consider.

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If you’re still wondering “what questions should I ask an interior designer”, then this one might surprise you. It can help to frame the question away from you and onto the designer themselves.