What are the Different Types of Interior Design Styles?

Interior design styles are constantly evolving. From quirky shabby chic to classy minimalist interiors, it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact style you’re going for. That’s why we’ve put together this handy outline that covers the many different types of interior design styles.

Read through and discover the right interior design style for your home. Don’t feel too constrained, either – you may even wish to combine elements of two different styles. It’s all up to you!

Modern interior design

Source: Rachel Usher
  • Key colours – Neutrals, white, black, grey, beige
  • Essential materials – wood, glass, leather, metal

Contemporary interior design

Source: Studio EVH
  • Key colours – Go for neutrals, particularly black and white. Add extra pops of colour to make a statement.
  • Essential materials – Woven textiles, soft textiles, silk, metal, wood, stone

Traditional interior design

Source: Walter Ruggero
  • Key colours – Utilise a mix of neutrals and earthy tones, such as beige and brown.
  • Essential materials – Wood panelling, linen, silk, leather, stained glass.

Scandinavian interior design

Source: Studio Heim
  • Key colours – Neutral shades, pastels, blush rose, greys.
  • Essential materials – Wood, stone, wool, leather, linen, glass.

Luxury interior design

Source: Joanne Mills
  • Key colours – Black, white, beige, jade, maroon, blue, gold, silver.
  • Essential materials – Marble, stone, metals, velvet, silk, leather, glass.

Shabby chic interior design

Source: Natalia Koall
  • Key colours – Creams and beiges, blush pink, lavender and sage green.
  • Essential materials – Distressed wood, metals, linen, floral fabrics, chalk paint.

Eclectic interior design

Source: Studio Maklin
  • Key colours – Emerald green, turquoise, yellow, orange, black and white.
  • Essential materials – Mixed textiles, wood, ceramics, patterned wallpaper.

Vintage interior design

Source: William Hunt
  • Key colours – Cream, beige, teal, grass green, peach, pink.
  • Essential materials – Wood, copper, glass, ceramics, stone.

Minimalist interior design

Source: Unsplashed
  • Key colours – White, black, grey, beige, cream. Add touches of sage green or teal for a pop of colour.
  • Essential materials – Stone, wood, metal, glass, ceramics, textured textiles.

Mid-century interior design

Source: Julia McLearon
  • Key colours – Orange, yellow, brown, cream, beige, black and white.
  • Essential materials – Wood, metal, concrete, plastic, glass, geometric fabrics.

Inspiring interior designers to suit your style

Now you know the different types of interior design styles, it’s time to decorate your home. If you’re not experienced in interior design, it can be challenging to develop your interiors. From mood boards to rendering and sketching, interior designers can take your vision and turn it into reality.