The Pros & Cons of Freelance Interior Designers

Interior designer and client discussing samples

When it comes to designing your home, the choice of whether to go it alone or bring in an interior designer is a difficult one. On top of that, there’s the dilemma between interior design firms or freelance interior designers.

Needless to say, there are benefits and potential drawbacks to any approach. This guide will run through some of them to make your decision easier.

Pro: They take the weight off your shoulders

When you hire a freelance designer, they can take on many of the duties involved in your project. This can include allocating funds, managing contractors and supervising progress.

However, if there are tasks that you’d rather complete yourself, hiring a freelance designer allows you to customise an agreement that fits your needs. Whether that’s just a mood board or guiding the whole project to completion, they can have as much or as little input as you need.

You tell them what you want, and they make it happen.

Con: They take a fee

There’s also the cost savings to consider. Designers can help you make the most of your budget with the right materials and their design network. Find out more in our guide on the cost of an interior designer.

If you’re on a tight budget, the prospect of yet another fee to pay may seem daunting. Even if you’re just looking for a second opinion to give your project a little boost, this will come with a cost.

However, the additional cost can save you money in the long run. A freelancer designer can help you make better decisions, avoid mistakes and work to your budget.

Pro: Attention to detail

Freelancer interior designer with pen and paper

If you’re new to interior design, your eye may not be trained to best dress a space or coordinate a renovation.

Designers can spot mistakes before they even happen, so that you don’t have to learn the hard way. This also saves you spending unnecessary money to fix things.

They can also visualise the bigger picture and know how things are likely to turn out; how all the tiny details fit together into a whole room.

If your space comes with specific challenges, there is a chance that they have dealt with them before.

Con: Privacy

Putting your trust in a new person is always daunting, especially in an area so important as your living space. Your designer will need to know about the intricacies of your life and how best to accommodate them.

If you’re a very private person, this may be a difficult experience for you. You may feel more inclined to try and handle the project alone to avoid this intimacy.

Pro: A professional touch

Whether you’re full of ideas or struggling to find your niche, a freelance interior designer can consolidate and provide inspiration for you. A designer will elevate your existing ideas and come up with special little touches that you might not have thought of yourself.

Their work will consider not just how a room looks, but how it feels. They may surprise you and come up with solutions that simplify your day-to-day life.

Con: Differing opinions

A designer is likely to have their own style and viewpoints. A sub-rate freelance interior designer might push you into their own vision, leading to interiors that you don’t enjoy. However, a good designer will create an environment in which you can discuss your preferences openly, even if it means rejecting their own ideas.

This is what makes InteriorNet’s interior designer search so important. We ensure all customers are matched with interior designers that suit their style and are happy to take on their project.

Pro: Wealth of resources

A experienced freelancer designer will have a network of connections within the industry, giving you a shortcut around dredging through research.

Their work will consider not just how a room looks, but how it feels. They may surprise you and come up with solutions that simplify your day-to-day life.

They will know the best people and the best products to give you exactly what you want. They may even have access to deals that aren’t available to the general public.

If you’re working with a limited budget, finding pieces that are within reach can seem impossible, but a designer’s market knowledge will help overcome this.

Con: Finding the right designer isn’t easy

There are lots of interior design companies out there with glowing reviews. But if you want the cost benefits of a freelance interior designer, it can be a little harder to separate the wheat from the chaff.

On top of that, each designer will have their own style and methods, and not everyone will fit your project. If you have a specific style in mind, you want your designer to be passionate about that style.

The right designer will help you tackle the challenges presented by working with a freelancer, and many of the cons listed here may not even apply. With a designer on the same wavelength as you, renovation can be a fun experience.

However, finding this designer can be a labour in itself. As well as all the supplies, swatches and contractors you’re already searching for, finding a freelance interior designer can be yet another task to keep track of. Not with InteriorNet

Find the best interior designer for you

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