Talking Feng Shui with Anna Lippett Interiors

Great interior design makes your house look fantastic – but can it help to manifest your goals? Feng shui is a Chinese artform that stems back to early Taoist beliefs. This ancient art spread across China and into the West, where it has now become an influential set of principles within the design world.

That’s why we spoke to Anna Lippett Interiors about how using feng shui in your home can transform your space, evoke moods, and even manifest your goals – it’s all about your intention…

What are the principles of feng shui?

There are many different schools of feng shui, with BTB feng shui (Black Hat feng shui) being one of the more progressive approaches, compatible with modern design, science and technology, whilst still honouring the ancient teachings.

According to Anna, “[BTB feng shui] works on the principle that you have a grid that you can either put onto your room or into your whole house.”

This grid, also known as a Bagua map, contains nine different areas to focus on…

  • Wealth – South east / rear left. Also represents prosperity and abundance. Associated with purple and the element of wood.
  • Fame – South / rear middle. This area reflects your passions and reputation building. It incorporates the colour red and the element of fire.
  • Relationships and love – South west / rear right. Represents partnerships, including marriage, as well as personal self-care. Associated with pinks, reds and the earth element.
  • Family – East / middle left. This square represents family and new beginnings, and utilises rich blues and greens, along with the element of wood.
  • Health – Centre. Represents wellness, and is associated with earthy colours, such as yellows and oranges. Its element is earth.
  • Children – West / middle right. Representing children and joy, this square is linked with white and the element of metal.
  • Knowledge – North east / front left. This square represents knowledge and self-development. It’s connected to the colour blue and the earth element.
  • Career – North / front middle. This covers your career and broader life path. This area is connected to black and the element of water.
  • Helpful People – North west / front right. Represents helpful people in your life, as well as travel. It’s associated with grey tones, along with the metal element.

Through the layout and décor of your home, you can activate these areas by using the right colours and textures, as well as applying relevant elements of nature – such as earth, fire, water, wood and metal. Each grid square is associated with a different element. For example, prosperity is associated with water, so for this area you may choose to display water-themed décor, such as a water fountain.

How does feng shui help with manifestation?

Source: Anna Lippett Interiors

So, how can feng shui help to manifest your goals? According to Anna, it’s all about being deliberate with your intentions as you design your home. For example, bedrooms are a place for sleep, rest and love. If you’re looking for love, you need to be harnessing earthy tones and pink shades, as well as establishing equity and balance within the space. Adding pairs to your bedroom, such as two bedside tables and matching pillowcases, creates room for a new person in your life. It’s all about projecting what you want into your space.

Whatever your goal, you should steer towards colours that meet your needs, rather than any trends. That doesn’t mean bright, primary colours in every room – but adding a touch of colour contributes to the energy you want to create. For bedrooms, think about whether your goal is to feel restful in bed at night, or energised first thing in the morning.

Practical ways to apply feng shui

Feng shui might seem complex at first, but Anna has some simple tips for applying the principles to your home…

Add a crystal to balance energy

For Anna, crystals are the ultimate energy fixer. Each crystal has different properties and connects to different elements, so you can use the Bagua map to help you choose.

Anna’s top 3 crystals to balance the energy in your home are…

  • Citrine – to attract abundance, joy and success.
  • Black tourmaline – for protection and transmuting negative energy.
  • Amethyst – to bring peace, calm and serenity.

Make time to declutter

Feng shui isn’t just about adding to your space, letting go is important too. Clutter holds stagnant energy within your home. As Anna states, “if it’s not used or loved, it’s clutter.” That can mean everything from half-empty bottles of moisturiser to dusty books.

It’s also about fixing or replacing those squeaky doorknobs or broken taps you’ve been putting off. Within minutes, you’ll feel better. Anna’s top tip? If it’s something sentimental, such as baby clothes, why not make a lasting artwork out of the fabric?

Balance the five elements

Use different elements where needed – but balance is the focus. Earth can be reflected in earthy tones, water through a carefully placed mirror. Or simply incorporate wood or metal pieces to harness the power of these elements.

How Anna applies feng shui for her clients…

Source: Anna Lippett Interiors

With her experience in the art of feng shui, how does Anna apply this traditional artform for her clients? Along with feng shui, Anna combines contemporary interior design with colour psychology and reiki. Her first step is to talk with clients and find out their intentions for their space – then she can tailor her process to their needs. There’s no “all or nothing” outlook with feng shui. You can take what you need, using just a few elements.

As Anna states… “In feng shui, your home is a bit like a vision-board – what you have around you not only affects how you feel, but works like a manifestation tool.” For example, she advises home-workers to avoid positioning their desks so they’re facing a blank wall, and to instead incorporate visual cues into the home office to inspire success.

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