8 Incredible Brands for Sustainable Interior Design Projects

Sustainable interior design is a beautiful thing. It means you can feel good about your stylish home, knowing that you’re doing your part to help the earth and reduce waste as well.

“Making responsible design choices for our homes not only creates interesting design narratives, but also expresses good ethics and individuality.

From sourcing quality vintage furniture designs that have stood the test of time, to using materials and finishes made from waste, our design choices can create empowering, feel-good and inspirational spaces.” – Sioban Imms, Design Writer and Co-founder of Substance

If you’re ready to decorate and curious about sustainable interior design, we’re here to help. Read on for our guide to eight fantastic, sustainable and ethical interior design brands.

1. Coat Paints

Source: Coat Paints

Coat Paints is a great sustainable choice for interior or exterior paints. The company is entirely carbon neutral through carbon offsetting, and their paints are UK-made, eco-friendly, 100% solvent-free, vegan and animal cruelty free. What’s more, they use recycled products and packaging, and Coat Paints tins are completely recyclable too. Since Coat Paints are made to order, there’s zero waste from unsold goods.

Available in a variety of on-trend muted colours, the Coat Paints range provides amazing depth and coverage with a smooth finish.

2. Copper Dust

Source: Copper Dust

Celebrating Ghanaian roots and British craftmanship, Copper Dust creates luxury African-inspired lighting, home furnishings and home accessories with material sourced from Ghana – a great fit for your contemporary-styled home.

Each of Copper Dust’s products is handmade in Britain and has 100% recyclable packaging. Cushions and other textile products are made with cut-off fabrics, ensuring minimum waste. Copper Dust even takes part in a reforestation initiative, making sure that each time it purchases tissue paper a tree is planted in Ghana – thus supporting a circular economy.

3. Collective-Stories

Source: Collective-Stories

Pierre Luc and Pernille Brodersen, founders of Collective‑Stories, are passionate about traditional, handmade craftsmanship as an inherent part of sustainable interior design. Their cushions, rugs, wall art and other décor are created around the world by local artisans in Guatemala, the Philippines, Mexico, and India and more. Thanks to the sustainable, natural materials used, the end result is a high-quality product that is designed to last.

4. Konk Furniture

Source: Konk

Konk creates both freestanding and bespoke, fitted furniture for homes, restaurants, hotels and more. Looking for built-in shelving for your living room or a unique reception desk for your business? Konk might be the right choice for you.

Handcrafted in the company’s Bristol workshop, Konk furniture is solidly made with oak and American black walnut from sustainable forests, resulting in items that should last a lifetime. For each order placed, Konk makes a donation to plant a tree, thus replacing the wood used.

Since Konk Furniture offers bespoke options, they’re a great choice for any aesthetic, including mid-century, minimalist and more.

5. Emily Rose Vintage

Source: Emily Rose Vintage

Emily Rose Vintage supports sustainability by offering beautiful vintage furniture that has been refurbished and painted for a new life. Many of Emily Rose Vintage’s furniture pieces can be hand-painted and custom re-upholstered to order, providing a personalised touch that fits your décor perfectly. The range of upcycled and hand-painted home goods from Emily Rose Vintage also includes boxes, kitchenware and textiles.

If you’re looking to create a vintage or shabby chic haven through sustainable interior design, take a look at Emily Rose Vintage today.

6. Barker and Stonehouse

Source: Barker & Stonehouse

Barker and Stonehouse’s Conscious Collection includes both reclaimed furniture, furniture made with recycled materials, and newly made furniture created sustainably with FSC certified wood. Additionally, Barker and Stonehouse’s Full Circle sofas are designed to be completely recyclable rather than adding to the planet’s waste – a great choice for sustainable interior design that considers the end of a product’s life as well as its origins.

Going beyond carbon neutrality, Barker and Stonehouse is certified Carbon Neutral Plus, and they took part in the founding of the Trees4Trees project, which promotes reforestation in Indonesia.

7. Nkuku

Source: Nkuku

Nkuku provides ethical, eco-friendly and handmade furniture, lighting, kitchenware, linens, home accessories and more.

Natural and sustainably grown crops like hemp provide raw materials for Nkuku’s goods, and recycled materials like glass and recycled cotton paper are used as well. The traditional handcrafting methods used to make Nkuku products are also more sustainable than factory mass-production. Nkuku’s wide range of goods offers great pieces for a range of looks including modern and industrial styles.

8. Cult Furniture

Source: Cult Furniture

Cult Furniture’s Eco Edit includes seating, tables, storage, décor and more, all responsibly sourced and sustainable and featuring beautiful luxurious and eclectic looks.

Sustainable, 100% recycled velvet is a great touch here for Art-Deco inspired seating, and long-lasting mango wood and marble are just some of the natural materials that make Cult Furniture pieces great sustainable interior design options.

Cult Furniture also emphasises sustainable packaging with as little waste as possible.

Incorporating sustainable interior design into your home

If you’re looking to revive or renew your space in a way that’s caring for the planet, there are so many great options to choose from for furniture, décor and more.

Turning to locally made, traditional and handcrafted items helps avoid the waste, industrial processes and energy usage of factory production – and it lets you support local artisans and entrepreneurs too. Sustainable materials like rattan mango wood grow quickly and take less energy and chemical processing to produce, while planting trees to replace the wood used helps keep our planet green and forested.

Recycling is crucial as well. Many of the brands we’ve listed show how beautiful recycled, upcycled and refurbished materials and furniture can be. Of course, recyclability is key too, in the form of recyclable packaging, containers and furniture that can be recycled when it’s been well used.

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