Sash & Stella Discuss the Future of Interior Design on Sky News

Sky News Ian King Business Podcast

With mortgage interest rates on the rise and prospective buyers finding it increasingly challenging to pass affordability checks, property website Zoopla predicts the number of house sales in the UK for 2023 will be the lowest since 2012. But this doesn’t necessarily translate to a slowdown in renovations and revamps.

This was discussed by our founders, Sash Prestcote and Stella Pozzi, in an interview with Sky News. They explained how the slump in house sales is inspiring more Brits to improve the homes they currently own. It’s this trend that sparked the launch of InteriorNet, an online platform designed to match homeowners and interior designers based on budget, style and location.

Read on as we take a closer look.

Meet Sash and Stella

Stella And Sash

So, who are Sash and Stella, and what’s InteriorNet all about? Both women are passionate about interior design and share a belief that beautiful spaces shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for well-heeled homeowners. The solution? An accessible, user-friendly digital platform that connects clients with interior designers, without limitations when it comes to budget, project size, location or personal style preferences.  

“We wholeheartedly believe that no matter your budget, everyone deserves the opportunity to work with a professional who can help express their style and craft a nurturing, life-affirming environment that brings joy every single day,” says Sash, who stresses the platform is about challenging the “luxury” narrative of interior design and making the service available to all.

Empowering interior designers

But it doesn’t stop there. InteriorNet isn’t just about helping homeowners create beautiful spaces. Sash and Stella are equally passionate about empowering interior designers with the freedom to seek out new projects that match their unique preferences.

“Whether they’re established, emerging or fresh graduates, our platform is designed to work for them, and support their journey toward success,” says Stella.

For designers, InteriorNet offers a unique opportunity to be agile and explore different creative avenues. Instead of exclusively taking on large projects like a boutique hotel renovation or restaurant revamp, for example, InteriorNet offers high-profile designers the chance to get creative with smaller residential projects, which can be extremely rewarding in terms of creativity. Similarly, the platform gives emerging designers a stage to showcase their skills and proactively connect with clients.   

Interior design and the cost-of-living crisis

More than most people, Sash and Stella appreciate the value of beautiful, functional living spaces. But they’re not oblivious to the challenges homeowners face in the current cost-of-living-crisis. While home improvement projects aren’t considered an ‘essential’ when it comes to budgeting, the duo maintain now is the perfect time to explore the connection between interior design and the cost-of-living crisis.

To learn more, we commissioned a survey that revealed the following trends:

  • 40% of UK adults cancelled foreign holiday plans to save money
  • 69% are more budget-conscious about their homes
  • 1 in 3 young adults delayed moving due to financial constraints
  • Nearly 60% prioritise home improvements over moving

What do the results tell us? While spending on major expenses like holidays is on the downturn, many homeowners are keen to invest in home improvements. However, spending habits are being reassessed and an increasing number of homeowners are seeking more cost-effective solutions.

This is where InteriorNet fills a gap in the market. The platform exists to disrupt the exclusive reputation of interior design and make services accessible to all. With packages starting as low as £100, the verdict is loud and clear – professional interior design doesn’t have to cost the world. Start your search today and let us match you with interior designers based on your style and budget.