5 Ways to Bring Autumn into Your Home

Autumn is a season of excitement and beauty – bright leaves, harvests, cosiness and new beginnings for children going back to school. So as the days lengthen, why not bring some of that refreshing autumn energy into your home?

In this post, we’ll explain how some small touches in your décor can add autumnal beauty and help you feel snug and comfortable as the weather grows chillier.

1. Incorporate rusty tones for a warm feel

Source: House of Harvee
Source: Ikea

When you think about autumn décor, orange might be the first thing that comes to mind. And it’s true that some orange notes in the form of throw pillows, flowers, placemats or candles can help create an autumnal atmosphere.

But the warmth of the orange tone you’re using matters too. A more vibrant yellowy orange will help a space look energised, whereas an orange with hints of red and rustier tones will create a warm and cosy feel in your space.

To evoke autumn colouration in nature, you’ll also want to use varying shades of orange, just as an autumn landscape would include many warm orange tones. So don’t hesitate to complement your main orange colour with other lighter or darker shades like persimmon red-orange.

2. Pair orange with pink

Source: Ideal Home & Farrow & Ball Templeton Pink

Autumn is also a season of berries, meaning pink and plum tones. These can also be used in your autumn décor mix to great effect – again, evoking the natural complexity of colours in an outdoors vista.

Source: Clara Bella Christie

What’s more, orange can be a very powerful and dominating colour when used alone, so a great way to create some contrast is by pairing the shade with softer colours, such as pastel pinks. Both colours work perfectly together, whether that’s in your kitchen, living room or hallway. They’re a match made in heaven.

3. Revel in textures

Source: The Spruce / Almar Creative

A rich mix of textures also helps to create an autumnal aura. Try tweed or velvet elements to make your décor more tactile and add variety. For the ultimate in classic comfort, a tartan blanket is always a great option.

Fabrics aren’t the only way to add texture. Baskets, cloth-bound books and stone are all great ways to feel more down-to-earth in your décor, fitting the natural mood of autumn.

4. Add natural beauty with wood

Source: Amazing Wood Ideas

Autumn is the ideal time to incorporate beautiful wood pieces into your décor – especially pieces that preserve the original shape and lines of wood branches or stumps.

Whether it’s in small elements like hand-carved wood bowls or big statements like wooden folding chairs, the rich colour of wood adds a warm and classic touch to your autumn furnishings.

5. Enhance cosiness with brown tones

Source: Ideal Home Photographer: Tim Lenz

“Brown” encompasses such a gorgeous range of colours, from umber and burnt sienna to deep walnut. All of these add autumn cosiness and beauty to your home, evoking autumn horse chestnuts, harvest wheat and snug warmth by the fireside.

Source: Wallpaper from the 70’s

Whether it’s in soft, washed-out tones or a bold print, a brown duvet or coverlet can bring autumn comfort to your bedroom. Likewise, luxe brown faux fur can heighten decadence in a living room while dark brown stoneware enhances the warm feeling of autumn soups and hot beverages.

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