Interior Design Trends: What’s In & Out for 2024

Living room interior with vaulted ceiling

Interior design is a dynamic industry, continually reshaped by the arrival and departure of trends. As 2024 approaches, the InteriorNet team is looking forward to a new wave of inspiration that will influence how designers create beautiful and functional living spaces.

From fresh colours and playful textures to a new generation of ‘smart’ furniture and technology, there are plenty of interior design trends to look forward to in 2024. And of course, we’ll also be waving goodbye to a few trends that have had their time in the spotlight.

Interior design trends to watch in 2024

A biophilic design renaissance

Biophilic design isn’t new, but it is set to take centre-stage in 2024. Used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, it describes the art of bringing the outdoors in through the strategic use of architectural features, plants, natural light, sustainable materials and other design elements.

The term was officially coined by renowned biologist and published author E.O. Wilson in the 1980s and has been captivating interior designers ever since. For interior design 2024, expect to see features like indoor plants, living walls and natural materials used to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Warm, earthy tones

Cosy bedroom interior

The past few years have seen colour palettes dominated by cool greys and other understated tones. Interior design trends in 2024 will see a pivot towards earthy shades like terracotta, ochre and forest greens. The goal is to shy away from sterility and infuse spaces with warmth and cosiness.

As well as being easy on the eye, the preference for earthy tones reflects a growing desire to distance ourselves from technology and connect with the natural world.

Sustainable and upcycled furniture

With environmental consciousness on the rise, interior design for 2024 will see the popularity of sustainable and upcycled furniture surge. We’re already seeing an increasing number of designers incorporate eco-friendly materials, recycled woods and repurposed elements into their creations – a trend that will continue in 2024. Furniture that tells a story, with a focus on craftsmanship, longevity and eco-friendly credentials, will be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2024.

Maximalism with a purpose

Maximalism is making a comeback – this time with a purpose. Bold patterns, vibrant colours and eclectic furnishings are on-trend. But the key is to curate. This is where interior designers can help. Drawing on learned skills and experience, professionals can design spaces that are visually rich yet avoid feeling chaotic.

Tech-integrated smart homes

Smart home technology is continually evolving and 2024 will bring some exciting new innovations to the table. An increase in client requests for smart lighting systems, as well as an uptake in smart furniture with built-in charging stations, will be two of the biggest tech-driven interior design trends in 2024. As always, the goal is to create modern homes that not only look beautiful but are functional, intuitive and designed to meet the demands of modern living.

Quality craftsmanship

While there’s always a space for affordable and mass-produced items in the home, interior design in 2024 will see a special focus placed on craftsmanship. From hand-painted ceramics to bespoke lighting features, the imperfections of artisan pieces help bring character and individuality to interiors.

Eye-catching walls

Textured wall behind woman on sofa

Smooth, monotone surfaces are giving way to textured finishes and eye-catching wall treatments in 2024. Don’t worry, popcorn ceilings aren’t making a comeback. Instead, we’re looking forward to interior design trends like textured wallpapers, three-dimensional tiles and custom wall murals. Another trend that has us buzzing is the incorporation of 3D art into everyday spaces. No longer reserved for museums and galleries, sculpture-inspired art that literally jumps off the wall is set to shake up the interior design scene in 2024.

Bite into Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz was crowned Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2024, so expect to see plenty of this shade incorporated into interiors. It’s described as a “clean peach with a vintage vibe” and slots in perfectly with the movement towards, earthier tones.

A Sweet Embrace for your space

From Dulux comes Sweet Embrace, the brand’s official Colour of the Year for 2024. Highly versatile, it’s described as a “gentle blossom pink that is welcoming and brings a sense of peace and softness to a space.” Like Peach Fuzz, the colour draws inspiration from nature and reflects the shift away from sterile colour schemes.

What’s out in 2024?

New trends aren’t the only thing set to shape the interior design world in 2024. Interiors will also be influenced by what’s on the way out. Here are a few interior design trends we expect to see fizzle out in 2024.

Overly minimalistic spaces

Minimalist Chair in White Room

Minimalism is taking a backseat as designers embrace curated maximalism. While simplicity is valued, the maximalist trend leans towards richer and more engaging interiors.

Excessive use of technology

While smart home technology is still very much on trend, subtlety is key. Instead of in-your-face technology that imposes on the aesthetics of a space, seamless integration will emerge as one of the top interior design trends 2024.

Mass consumption mentality

The rejection of the mass consumption mentality doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with minimalism. Instead, it simply means there will be a shift towards conscious consumption in 2024. For designers, this means an emphasis on quality over quantity. We expect to see designers encouraging clients to invest in sustainable and timeless pieces that transcend style eras and can be treasured for decades to come.  

Refresh your spaces in 2024 with InteriorNet

From earth-inspired colours to a strong focus on sustainability, interior design in 2024 will usher in a new era of eco-conscious living. At the same time, 2024 will mark a departure from longstanding design norms, including an infatuation with cool greys and excessive minimalism.

Of course, interior design is all about creating spaces that resonate with your personal style and values. At InteriorNet, we believe everyone should have access to professionals who can help achieve this goal. This is what prompted us to create an online platform to connect clients with interior designers that match their vision, style and budget.

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