Digging Deeper into the Dorm Décor Trend

Moving into university halls can be both exciting and nerve-racking. For many students, it’s their first time living alone, and they want to start this new era off on the right foot.

That’s where the latest trend in university living comes in. Across the internet, from Instagram and Tiktok to Town and Country and Teen Vogue, we’re seeing beautiful dorm rooms that have been custom-decorated by interior designers to meet the needs of new undergrads.

What’s inspiring students to turn to an interior designer to shape their new home away from home? And what are the perks of professional interior design in residence halls? Let’s dig deeper to find out.

Why hire an interior designer for a university or college residence hall?

Source: Dormify

School-owned residential halls are notorious for being minimalist, to say the least. A bare room with utilitarian furniture isn’t the cosiest environment for stressful studying and revision – or for socialising with new friends.

What’s more, social media has given us access to much more décor knowledge and inspiration than ever before. When you’ve seen how someone else was able to transform their dorm space, you realise how many possibilities a seemingly plain room offers.

However, moving to university is difficult and complex in itself. There’s not that much time to think about interior design in between packing for the move, buying books and figuring out orientation schedules.

Plus, interior designers are experts, and just like any other expert, they bring years of experience and ideas to ensure you get the best possible result.

Is it worth hiring an interior designer for a small space?

Source: IKEA

Since 2020, we’ve increasingly seen the importance of creating a nice backdrop for Zoom calls. Even though what’s behind you on screen is just a small slice of your room, it makes a big difference in the image you’re presenting and the confidence you feel. It’s a way to express yourself – and we’ve seen that just one part of a wall can be decorated in an infinite number of gorgeous ways.

In the same way, a room in a university residence hall is a blank slate for endless self-expression, despite its small size. In fact, a small space might especially benefit from an interior designer’s knowledge and tricks about storage and making a tiny area feel more spacious.

How much might it cost to hire an interior designer for a room in university halls?

An online-only interior design service could start as low as £99 for inspiration and ideas. Although each designer is unique, typically an online-only design package would get you something like:

  • Inspiration via a concept or mood board
  • A layout of the room
  • A shopping list

If you’re already spending money on new bedding and décor, this design boost to make sure your investment is used to its maximum might be well worth it.

Make your university housing into a haven with InteriorNet

If your move to university is coming up soon, it might be just the right time to look into how an interior designer can help craft your room’s décor to let your personality shine and keep you comfortable during long nights revising.

Our online search is the place to start. At InteriorNet, we’re committed to finding you just the right designer to fit your budget, needs and personal style. Whether you’re looking for just a little inspiration or a big makeover, we’ve got the interior designer you need to help make that impersonal university accommodation truly yours.