14 Best UK Interior Designer Blogs to Follow

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Inspiration is a cornerstone of interior design, so it makes sense to stay up to date with the latest trends, ideas and creative minds shaping the industry. The UK boasts a plethora of exceptionally talented interior designers, each with a unique perspective and approach to their craft.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in the right place. Read on for the official InteriorNet roundup of the best interior design blogs in the UK.

1. InteriorNet by Stella & Sash


Of course, we have to start with InteriorNet. From colour guides and interior design tips to industry news and interviews, you can find lots of great resources right here. Start with this Feng Shui interview with Anna Lippett Interiors, find out how to implement broken-plan living and listen to Sash & Stella’s discussing the future of interior design on Sky News.

2. Mad About the House by Kate Watson-Smyth

With more than 20 years of experience writing for big-name publications like The Independent, Kate Watson-Smyth combines an admirable career in journalism with a passion for interior design. She believes that homes should tell your story and cites “urban glamour” and “modern rustic” as her favourite looks.

3. The Design Sheppard by Stacey Sheppard

From upcycling to underfloor heating, Stacey Sheppard takes a holistic approach to interior design in her blog. She rounds up the latest home decor trends and the platform is consistently crowned one of the most influential UK interior design blogs. Stacey is based in the beautiful Devonshire countryside, which means you’ll see plenty of the ‘cottage chic’ aesthetic in her work.

4. Pippa Jameson Interiors by Pippa Jameson

With a strong background in interior styling, Pippa has mastered the art of blending contemporary and classic styles. Her blog is packed with valuable insights and covers everything from colour palettes to space optimisation.

5. Fabric of my Life by Kate Baxter


Kate Baxter doesn’t just blog about interior design. She infuses her award-winning blog with loads of travel and lifestyle content. Expect to see everything from reviews of new season collections from trending design brands to Guatemalan travel tips in Kate’s curated corner of the internet.

6. Sophie Robinson Interiors by Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson photographed by Alun Callender
Sophie Robinson photographed by Alun Callender

If you’re a self-confessed maximalist, you’ll love Sophie’s interior design blog. She’s hailed as the “Colour Queen” and isn’t shy about infusing bold hues and eye-catching patterns into the home. With more than 20 years of experience in design, journalism and TV, she does a fantastic job of creating content that’s engaging, inspirational and most importantly, bursting with colour.

7. Interior Style Hunter by Grant Pierrus

This award-winning blog takes a luxurious approach to interior design. Grant is a style maestro and impresses clients with his eye for detail, as well as his commitment to creativity and strategic thinking. In addition to professional contracts, Grant is an active member of the arts community and was recently inaugurated as a young patron at the V&A Museum.

8. Raspberry Flavoured Windows by Rachel Edmonds

Looking for inspiration on a budget? Raspberry Flavoured Windows celebrates the “dark side” of interior design, which means you’ll see plenty of drama in this blog. Her aesthetic is all about moody colours, shimmering metallics and statement pieces, with a fun DIY spin.

9. Rainbow Shaker by Justine Guillermou

For aficionados of maximalism, Justine’s interior design blog is a visual feast. Bold colours, eclectic patterns and a fearless approach to design characterise this platform. As a former aerospace engineer, Justine has done a complete 360 and swapped absolute precision for blatant colour chaos – in the best way possible! Dive into a world where excess is embraced, and every corner has a unique story to tell.

10. Kids Rule Interiors by Dominique Lyons

As a former nursery practitioner, Dominique knows a thing or two about what makes kids tick. She’s drawn on her experience to found Kids Rule Interiors, a curated space designed to help families create spaces that are both practical and beautiful. She’s a passionate believer that environments can influence mood and behaviour, and that children are no exception.  

11. My English Country Cottage by Rebecca Lovatt

If you’re a fan of floral prints, fine bone China and fresh-baked cookies, you’ll love this heart-warming blog by Rebecca Lovatt. Based in the British countryside, she’s transformed a 400-year-old thatch roof cottage into a beautiful space that radiates charm. Her blog is brimming with tips on how to create cosy, cottage-inspired interiors.

12. These Four Walls by Abi Dare

An ode to minimalism, Abi’s blog celebrates clean lines, thoughtful decluttering strategies and a commitment to simplicity. Based in Bristol, she describes her style as “soft minimalism” and helps readers embrace the warm yet calming ethos of Scandinavian-inspired design. If you’re hoping to create spaces that provide a visual retreat from the chaos of everyday life, this is one of the best UK interior design blogs.

13. Lucy Gleeson Interiors by Lucy Gleeson


Lucy adopts a holistic approach to design and incorporates wellness principles into interior spaces. As a biophilic interior designer, she’s all about helping clients create balance, harmony and wellbeing in their homes through strategic design choices. Expect posts on everything from plant-powered home air purification filters to interviews with fellow designers, artists and biophilic stylists.

14. Tidylife by Antonia Ludden


Antonia’s blog is a DIY enthusiast’s dream. From budget-friendly furniture makeovers to step-by-step home improvement tutorials, the platform empowers readers to take their interior design into their own hands. No project is too big or small for this hands-on designer, making the blog a go-to for the creatively inclined. We also love how Antonia peppers her blog with content inspired by fashion, beauty and health.

Get inspired with interior design blogs

This roundup only scratches the surface of what’s out there when it comes to UK interior design blogs. Thanks to platforms like Google, Instagram and Pinterest, it’s never been easier to discover British-based interior design influencers. They really are a wealth of inspiration and knowledge, so don’t hold back when it comes to venturing down the rabbit hole.

And of course, when you’re ready to kickstart your very own project, InteriorNet has your back. Our purpose-built platform connects you with interior designers that are actively looking for projects like yours! Start your search today and let us match you with suitable designers.